"Money Manager One"

Imagine if you had 3 contenders in a race and you are sure that one of them is going to win ,but you just don't know which one.

Also imagine these same 3 horses having favorable odds. One being 8-1, another 9-1 and another 5-1. Your problem is which one to bet.

Our horse race Calculator software "Money Manager One" is your problem solver. Just enter the odds on each horse into the calculator. Then enter the amount of money that you wish to make as a profit.

And in the blink of an eye the program tells you the amount of money to bet on each horse so that you will win the approximate amount that you are looking for no matter which horse wins the race. No matter which one of the 3 wins the race you will WIN.

The same circumstances can come about with 2 horses that you feel will win the race and sometimes even more.

The program can calculate the specific amount to wager on from 1 to 6 horses in a race to win your approximate specific goal.

"Money Manager One " is a program that calculates the specific amount to wager on each entrant, after considering their odds, to achieve a specific profit return should one of these entrants win the race.

Money Manager One is easy to use!

(Below is the exact replica of the software and the easy instructions listed below)



Using Money Manager One

1. Enter your Profit Goal: The number entered is rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

2. Enter the Post Position (Optional) for entrant identification.

3. Enter the Odds of the entrant. It is not necessary to enter " to 1" for whole number Odds.

Examples of acceptable entries are as follows:

Two to one odds, enter 2
Seven to two odds, enter 7/2

4. Enter Name (Optional) - Type the name of the horse which corresponds to each bet. This is not a required field.

Click the GO! button and Money Manager will display:

Outlay: This box displays the dollar amount of your wager, to achieve your target profit.

Return: This box indicates the gross amount you should expect to receive if this entrant wins the race.

Profit: This box indicates the net Profit should this entrant win the race; it is the Return minus the Total Outlay.

Total Outlay: The number in the Total Outlay box equals the sum of the wagers for each horse, and indicates the total dollar amount invested in the race.

The Calculation Details box displays the information the program is using to perform its calculations.

Clear: Click to delete all current data and start a new race calculation.

As you can see the "Money Manager" is easy to use and may be be used on your PC or laptop.

There are many times when a race should be covered with more than one horse to win. "Money Manager One" tells you in a flash how much to bet on each horse to win any amount that you decide upon.

"Money Manager One" Retails at just $50.00 and you can download the software in minutes and be ready to use immediately.

We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, Debit Cards, Internet Cash,  Discover, and Novus. We also accept regular bank checking accounts.

Only $50.00 

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